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Hi! How are y’all doing? I know it’s been yearsssss, well, more than 4 years to be exact. I’ve been quite busy since finishing med school and finally going out into the real world so the fanlisting world took a back seat for me. I actually considered just closing all the FLs I owned at one point (I’ve already adopted out a few and had also let go of my co-ownerships.) But then, for some reason, I got motivated to go back to the fanlisting world once again. I don’t know if it’s because this pandemic is causing me to lose my sanity and it’s making me all anxious and stressed especially given the field where I’m working right now. I seriously needed an outlet and I did miss coding layouts and tinkering with Photoshop and so here I am! I’M BAAAACK! Well, sort of.

So many things have happened since the last time I updated this site. I changed webhosts (Hello again, Dreamhost!). In addition, I had to update my FL scripts. I upgraded Enthusiast using Ekaterina’s Enth Fork version because the former is no longer compatible with PHP 7, which I found out while trying to re-install the old version when I moved to Dreamhost. I also upgraded IconSort, which I had to figure out on my own and do some code tinkering since I couldn’t find an updated version of the script that’s compatible with PHP 7. Luckily, I finally made it work after so many coding trials and errors.

When it came to fanlistings, I applied for a couple of subjects more than a month ago and fortunately, got approved. Aaaand I’ve just recently opened them. Please do check out the fanlistings for the actress, Emily Blunt and the TV show, Sex Education, and don’t forget to join them if you’re a fan! :)

I’m currently in the process of updating the layouts of most of my fanlistings in the next weeks or so. As was previously decided ages ago, I’ve decided to stick with the Bootstrap framework for all of my FLs. I’ve already started using version 4 with my 2 latest fanlistings. The rest will follow. I’m also still brainstorming for ideas for my collective’s new layout because we all know that it’s loooooong overdue already! But I’m actually having a hard time letting this layout go at the same time because it’s been pretty special to me and I really do still love it even if it’s been my layout for around 6 years now! Hahaha!

Anyway, I do hope you’re all in good health given the circumstances. Stay safe everyone!

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I got approved to run the fanlisting of Rey from the Star Wars series. I instantly fell in love with her character since seeing The Force Awakens (which was absolutely amazing, btw!). It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on anything that’s fanlisting-related so I’ve definitely noticed how sluggish I am at coming up with a decent layout.

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I’m starting to revamp my fanlistings. Working on Version 7 of this website made me want to convert the layouts of my fanlistings to something more responsive to adapt to larger screens, as well as tablets. Version 7 was built using the Bootstrap framework and I’ve decided to do the same for the rest of my fanlistings. I’ve already started with the Frozen fanlisting. I had the layout converted to Bootstrap and changed a few elements. It used to be a one-page layout but I’ve decided to go with separate pages for each link. This took a few days to finish so working on the rest would definitely take a while but I’m hoping to finish everything before January. *fingers crossed* Most of the fanlistings (esp. those whose layouts haven’t been touched in ages) would get a new layout in the process.

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New layout, finally!

You’re now viewing Version 7 of Iridescently. This one is actually long overdue. I’ve been wanting to change my layout for awhile now but haven’t really gotten around to it because of real-life. I actually liked how this one turned out. I wanted something clean and simple. I’m just glad it’s somewhat done although I haven’t worked on the page for my wishlist yet. I’ll just add that later on but for now, consider this layout finished.

I’ve also had amazing approvals lately since my last update regarding the Frozen fanlisting. These are the fanlistings for two of my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock, and Kate Winslet, as well as the fanlisting for Scandal, a show which I ended up binge-watching during my semestral break and have become really obsessed with. I’m now also co-owning the Music, and the Hermione Granger fanlistings with the lovely Crissy! If you’re a fan of any of those, I encourage you to join. :)

Next in my list is revamping the layouts of most of my fanlistings. Hopefully, Christmas break would give me the time I need to work on those revamps. Most of them are in dire need of it, anyway.

Lastly, I transferred to a new host last June. I’m now hosted at StableHost. I just thought that it was time for me to pay for my own hosting. However, I will forever be grateful to Buruma for being such a wonderful host and for hosting me for almost 2 years. :)

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Wow! TFL is back online and I’m so glad. That was a very long hiatus but I’m happy to know that everything is running smoothly again. I applied for Frozen as soon as applications were accepted again and fortunately, I got approved. Thank you so much to Buruma and the rest of the Staffers who were involved with the decision-making! I’ve been so giddy and excited to work on it because it’s been almost 2 years since my last approval and I’m pretty much obsessed with the movie since I saw it. The fanlisting is now up and running and if you’re a fan, please join.

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