Hi, I'm Michi, a '90s kid, aspiring Healer1, and Jedi2 wannabe from the Philippines.

I started creating and maintaining fanlistings around 2006 but have already started joining fanlistings in 2004. I became involved with The Fanlistings Network when I became a Trouble Checker for the Relationships: Book/Movie & Songs: Bands/Groups: N-Z categories in November 2006. In April 2008, I became a Category Staffer for the Music Miscellany category handling the F/U/C/T position. I also became the Troubles staffer for the Relationships: TV category and later on, the Applications staffer for the Musicians: Female category before stepping down in April 2012.

Most days, you can find me on Twitter blabbering about mundane things and my fandoms. I've also revived my Tumblr account just recently because my fandoms enjoy playing with my emotions and I simply missed having an outlet. Feel free to follow me on those. I promise I don't bite.


1. http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Healer
2. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi


You are currently viewing Version 7 of Iridescently. This took quite awhile to finish and has been long overdue. I've had the last version up since 2012 and never bothered changing the layout for almost 2 years. Adobe Photoshop CS6, Sublime Text 2, and others have made this layout and website possible.

My fanlistings used to be housed at brightly-wound.net from 2006 to December 2008. It was inspired by a song of the same title by Eisley. I love the band so much and Brightly Wound is one of my favorite tracks from their album, Room Noises. Iridescently eventually replaced Brightly Wound and was officially opened in February 2009.

ir•i•des•cent adjective
- shining with many different colors when seen from different angles
- ir•i•des•cent•ly adverb

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